Hixon50 Race Report

It all started in summer, directly in the middle of my Ironman training. One day while running something in my head just started talking. It asked, what’s next? After all, I came from having no triathlon background to having completed three full Ironman and five half Ironman plus multiple other distance races all in three […]

Ironman Wisconsin 2016 Race Report

Race day started just like any other. After a great night sleep I got up at the crack of dawn. I did my business eat peanut butter toast with coffee and relaxed. It was quite, calm and relaxing Sunday morning at home. The day couldn’t have started better. As we headed downtown I remained calm. […]

One Year Later

This coming Sunday marks one year since a chain of events changed my early summer race season. Capitol View Triathlon kind of hit the fan for me. A broken chain 20 minutes into the bike caused me to walk and walk for a solid hour in bike shoes. The walk of shame in the race […]

April 12th Ironman Wisconsin Update

Training has been going well and I can’t believe that April is almost half over. On this update I talk about the crazy amount of build weeks we’ve had. I’ll also discuss how my swim, bike and run times have been blowing me away. It really is incredible how far things have come along this […]