Dances With Dirt 50K – Pre Race

Dances with Dirt comes at a pretty crazy time, being the weekend after a major holiday. It also comes at a time when the mornings are already warm or warm and humid, which is just the best. (Sarcasm!)

The weather could be a major factor on race day. A humid start, could make hydrating difficult. Add in the elevation of the course and we are off to an intersting start. So far the weather is looking good, with low humidity and little chance of rain, but we all know how fast that can change.

Dance with Dirt marks a special event for me. The event after a race in which I didn’t come close to reaching my goal. It offers up a pretty tough challenge and is a good way to judge how training is progressing for the Fall 50.

The 50K starts at 530am on Saturday July 8th and offers multiple easy access spectator locations. If you’re in the area, stop on by. I plan I be done in the early afternoon and will be grilling some food after for all those who are hungry.

*Below are a few pictures from training this past weekend

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