Some Weekends You Feel Like A Nut

This weekend was something else. A day later I still can’t put words together about how it feels to have accomplished it. I keep thinking back to the fist time I ever ran, or tried to is a more accurate description.

I knew going into work Friday that the weekend was going to be tough. It somehow takes over all my thinking and everything I do. Just the thought of trying to accomplish this insane task is consuming. That fear also helps. It makes me plan my nutrition the day before and to hydrate well. The fear keeps me on game plan.

Saturday morning started like all other training mornings. Toast with peanut butter and a cup of coffee. Off I went! From my place on the west side of Madison towards downtown, the long way of course. As I got to the Capital Square and around it further away from my place the distance from home started to sink in. I was at the shortest route 90 minutes from home. I hit Tenney Park at around 13.51 miles and started back home. I knew it would be about 2 miles less on the way home but it was going to be tough.

As I got around 7 miles from home I knew I was in for the toughest part yet. The next 6 miles would be all up hill. Big hills, small hills, steep ass hills, basically all types of hills. I got into my stride and nailed them all. As it evened out and I got closer to home I knew the days run went well. As I looked at my watch I noticed the pace. Just under 9:30/mile over 24 miles. Considering this was a zone two run and I wasn’t pushing it, I felt great about the pace! I felt great overall!

Recovery is tough though and I knew I had to go out and bust out another 16 or so miles the next day. I started hydrating immedialety after walking in the door. I had my protein shakes and made some tasty eggs with potatoes and peppers, onions, sausage, and cheese.

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