Ultra Race Day!

The time is here! It’s ultra day! An attempt that in mileage isn’t a concern to me but in elevation it is. This could be one of the toughest challenges to date.

A trail run in La Crosse, WI up and down the bluffs. Having lived just 30 minutes away in Winona, MN I know the bluffs well. The trails are great and offer lots of beautiful scenery. These specific trails I don’t know a ton about. How well will they be kept up? Are they narrow, will they be slippery? It’s tough to say until race day.

The race starts at sunrise which conveniently happens to be 7:39am Sunday. There are two 25K loops to run. This will give followers or anyone who cares the chance to see one race split, half way through and a finish time. By signing up here, you’ll receive a notification on your device. You can also see all race results here. This is the only method of seeing my location during the race as I will not be wearing a GPS tracker.

Thanks for your support and looking forward to writing the post race report.