So Hot That Milk Would Curdle – Milkman 70.3 Race Day Info!


This Sunday June 18th marks two special occasions all in one day. First off, it’s a day to celebrate our fathers here in America! Second marks the first 70.3 or half Ironman race for me this year! I’m going to talk about the second occasion since my father already knows how much I care about him!

Milkman 70.3 is Madison’s first half distance race and I couldn’t be happier to have it right here in our own backyard. The race starts with a 1.2-mile swim in Lake Monona. This one thing and it’s a big thing, is that my wave doesn’t get into the water until 7:37am. That’s 37 minutes after the official start of the race and over an hour from the closing of transition. So don’t worry, my expected 30-minute swim isn’t in jeopardy. If I’m not out of the water at 7:30am it’s because I haven’t even started the event yet.

The other elephant in the room will be the heat. With highs in the 90’s I’ll really have to hold it back on the bike to set up for a successful run. Given my experience in Louisville on my first full distance Ironman, I have a good understanding of what I can and can’t do to get through the day.

Now on to the good stuff. Milkman has setup a wonderful event for the athletes, onsite spectators and for the folks who can’t make it to the event. You’ll be able to track me on the web or via app on your mobile device as well as watch a live finish line stream. Please use the below information to keep track on race day and look for bib number 956!

I’ve also posted my goals below based on my adjusted expectations with the heat! These have been lowered because the number one goal for this event is to get to the finish line and setup a positive mindset going into the last big push for Ironman Wisconsin, my “A” race of the year.

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

Race Day Tracking

Real Time Checkpoint Tracking
Web –
iOS –
Android –

Finish Line Stream (Found on Facebook page) –

Race Day Goals

Start time – 7:37am
Goal time – 0:30-0:35 (1:25/100 – 1:39-ish/100)
Out of water time – 8:07-8:12am

Start time – 8:10-8:17am
Goal time – 2:40-3:00 (21MPH – 18.7MPH)
Off the bike time – 10:50-11:17am

Start time – 10:55-11:22am
Goal time – 1:40-2:00 (7:38/mile – 9:10/mile)
Finish line time – 12:35-1:22pm

Total Race Time
Lower end goal – 4:50
Higher end goal – 5:35
Goal I’m gunning for – 5:15