Answered Dreams Of 2016!

Capitol View Triathlon Race Recap

The morning of Cap View started like most mornings in the triathlon world. I got up around 3:30am, ate my toast with peanut butter and did all the other morning things one typically would. The vehicle got packed with tri gear, bikes and human bodies and we were off.

Getting to the park was easy, parking went smooth and traffic was very manageable. Once unpacked the walk to transition was short. Before being let into transition athletes needed to have their timing chip on and body marking helpers were waiting to write your number on each arm and your age on the back of your leg.

Transition setup went smooth. I found my rack and got everything inline. The walk to the beach happened at about 6:30am so I could meet up with the rest of my team and get a picture on race day with everyone. Finally, it was go time!

As the race started you couldn’t help but notice the bright sun coming right at you, head on. This was the first time I’ve ever thought about the need for tinted glasses for swimming. Our wave went off and I immediately noticed that the small but manageable waves were coming directly at us. This created what every swimmer hates, water in the face. Paired with the bright sun coming at me I quickly found myself off course. Not just a little but a whole bunch.

I got aligned with myself and where I needed to be and started off at it. At this point all I wanted was to get out of the water with my sanity. I finally found the first turn buoy and took the right. To mine and most likely everyone’s relief, the sun was no longer in my face. I sighted the next buoy and got to work. Before I knew it I was making another right turn and headed towards the final buoy. Next stop beach and solid ground!

My swim time was long, much longer then I ever would have thought, about four to five minutes longer in fact. As I exited the water people were shouting that the bike had been shortened. I didn’t really believe it and thought to myself, how it was even possible. Due to the lightening outside of town the race staff called the bike and shortened it to 10 miles.

Heck 10 miles, I was expecting 25 miles of all out so 10 miles was no issue at all. I ran to transition and took off my wetsuit as fast as possible. Bike shoes, helmet, glasses and I was off. I bolted to the bike mount line and put the pedal down. Shifting through gears like I had nothing else on my mind. The straightaways I was averaging 25MPH and hills I was just hammering on it. The bike was over in under 30 minutes and I came screaming into transition like a wild man.

Off the bike I tossed my shoes off and put on my running shoes. I once again bolted out of transition not knowing what was happening as someone yelled to me, “The run has been shortened”. Again, I couldn’t believe it. At 6.2 miles I was expecting to hammer out the run in 45 minutes but 3.1 miles I put the hammer down once again. The hills were tough at the beginning and my heart rate spiked. I thought, no time to slow down it’s only three miles.

I kept going averaging under seven minute miles easily and crossed the finish line. At that time, I had no idea what had just happened. What was going to be around 2:10 for time turned into under 1.5 hours. I got high fives from my coach and my medal from the finish line catchers and went about hanging out. After about 15 minutes I walked over to the timing area to see my official time and was taken back.


My time of 1:22 was fast enough to get me first place in my age group, the most represented age group at the event! This is something I’ve always dreamed of but has never happened. The smile on my face never left and to be honest still hasn’t over 24 hours later!

What was even better was while sitting at lunch I decided to take a look at all the official times. To my absolute surprise I got 4th place overall, 4th place out of everyone at the entire event! WOW!


Cap View 2016 will now be the best event to date for me and to be honest a 1st place age group isn’t something I ever expect to achieve again. So to Cap View 2016 I saw Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! You’ve made one of this guys dreams come true. A dream that only a few short years ago I would have never imagined. If 100 extra pound Dustin knew this day would happen he would have never believed it!