One Year Later

This coming Sunday marks one year since a chain of events changed my early summer race season. Capitol View Triathlon kind of hit the fan for me. A broken chain 20 minutes into the bike caused me to walk and walk for a solid hour in bike shoes. The walk of shame in the race gave me plenty of time to think and come to the realization that not everything you start out to do can be finished.

The broken chain and the walk of shame was just the start. That same week my foot hurt and hurt badly. I went into the doctor to find out that I had a stress fracture. An injury that would take me out of running for two months. It would also cause me to have to pull out of a future race after swimming and biking since I didn’t have the go ahead to run yet.

One year later I’ve learned a lot. Not every race no matter how big or small is a given. Don’t count your ducks before the finish line because no matter what you just can’t guarantee what will happen on race day.

I also learned that no matter how bad things seem, you don’t have to give up. The stress fracture, a run in with dehydration, it doesn’t matter. Staying focused and putting the past behind you is all you need to do.

This Sunday I welcome the challenge of Cap View again but with the goal to finish it out and show the race who is boss!