February 2nd 2016 Ironman Wisconsin Update

February…. Are you flipping kidding me. January, where did you go buddy? Alright. None of that matters now. What matters is training! In the second month of training things are about to get really different. Different from anything I’ve ever done. Different from all the other years of training.

This year I’m training with power baby! My first ever power test was last Friday and now the numbers are in and crunched. Tonight I learn what those numbers mean and how I will be training using them going forward. Tomorrow is the first ever bike that is a power based workout. Tomorrow’s hour and fifteen minutes will be all about getting a feel for what holding specific power feels like. I’ll pair the Kickr with Zwift to simulate inclines and declines and what power is like when riding up or down a hill. All perfect practice for when the sun comes out and the roads are clear.

To get more of the inside scoop check out the video below! Now go outside and enjoy that snow!