January 12th 2016 Ironman Training Update

IMG_2754So this week marks the second official week of training of the year for me. It was also the first full week since before my last Ironman. I think I can sum up the week in one word, HUNGRY! Or starving, which ever you prefer really.

The past week went great overall with three runs, two swims and two rides in Zwift land. It wasn’t too terrible as a week to get back into it. I also am trying to eat the require amount of food this year. Last year I often found my self feeling sluggish and in need of more fuel. I made a spreadsheet that will track the number of calories I’ve burned including the standard daily needed value. This should help make sure I’m eating enough of the food!

This week has already started off well. With a rest day yesterday (Monday) I had no clue what to do. Today was a 40 minute run which was done inside with a buddy on lunch as it was super cold and below zero here in Wisconsin. Tomorrow I have a 1:15 bike, a swim Thursday, another bike Friday, a run Saturday and will finish off the week with an hour ride and swim Sunday.

Check out the video below for basically the same thing I said above but with this handsome face talking to you 😉