The Wahoo Kickr

Here in Wisconsin you can spend a good amount of time indoors biking on your trainer. This has never been my cup of tea. I’ve tried movies, playing PS4, tablet games, web surfing and so many other things. No matter what I try it always ends up being no fun. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect the Wahoo Kickr to solve this completely but I was hoping for it do other things. I’m expecting the power readings to help with training goals and planning. The ease of use when changing between indoors and outdoors with a spare tire. And a list of other things.

The 20 second version is the Kickr over delivered on what I was expecting. It’s smooth to ride, easy to setup and most importantly a blast to ride! I use the Kickr with Zwift and after some initial issues it has worked flawlessly and been so much fun to use!


I started by putting the legs into place. Push the blue button, pull/push into place and release


Adjust the Kickr depending on the size you are using


Install the bike on the Kickr


Don’t forget to plug the Kickr in with the provided power adapter


Download the Wahoo Fitness iOS app or the Wahoo Utility Google Play app

After I downloaded the app onto my iPhone pairing was a breeze! On the Saved Sensors page simply click Add New Sensor. The app will go into a searching mode which will also display a link if the sensor isn’t found. Make sure your phone is close to the Kickr. I ended up putting my device within a bike length just to ensure the signal was strong. Bluetooth is supposed to go around 30 feet but that really depends on a lot of different variables.


Once paired I went into the Kickr settings and preformed a Spindown. This is a calibration method in which you spin up to 23MPH (plus some change) and let off allowing the Kickr to calibrate while spinning down.


You can see your current stats from within this app i


If you’re interested in doing a workout you have a few choices provided by Wahoo. They all seem to work very well

Overall the Kickr was fairly easy to setup. I did have an issue right away but it was with the unit working along side with the training program Zwift. I’ll talk more about Zwift in a different post after I’ve had more time to use it. First impressions are positive overall!

One of the best things about the Kickr that I’ve noticed in my short time using it is how well it simulates the open road. The unit is super smooth to pedal and to shift. When pairing it with a program like Zwift the unit auto adjusts resistance to simulate inclines and even help simulate declines in a way. When using the device I found myself shifting on inclines just like I would had I came upon a hill in the real world. It’s a really cool experience that you simply have to try out to believe.

Even without the extra third party programs the Kickr is wonderful in itself. You can take spin classes which are amazing workouts! You’d be surprised by how hard they can push you! It really does offer some nice features directly out of the box.

Check back soon because I’ll have a full guide on third party programs like Zwift and what they can do for your training!

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