That One Hat

The One Hat - episode-26

We all have that one favorite running hat/visor/headband. No matter how many free hats and swag we accumulate from races, family and friends, or that impulse buy at Target (but it was only $5!), we still have that one go-to hat. It’s somewhat of a comfort blanket when we head out on runs: it’s like we know it’ll be a good run if we have that hat on! However, it also seems like it is that ONE THING that’s impossible to find in the mess of all of our other gear when we are running late. I know I’m not alone in saying that this closet tornado is an all too frequent occurrence. No matter how many times I misplace it, store it in a new place, or sometimes just can’t see it sitting in plain sight, I know this pile of miscellaneous running hats, gloves, headbands, scarves, and shoes is bound to happen again!

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