Just Around The Corner

We’ve had an interesting spring so far in Wisconsin. While many of our friends and family have been enjoying the outdoors, we are confined to our homes, trying to stay dry and warm. Luckily, spring is right around the corner and that corner happens to be this weekend! So cheer up good friends and do […]

Dreadmill Of DOOM!

For many of us training inside during part of the year is clockwork. Just as the seasons come and go, so do our trainers and treadmills. We don’t go without a fight, no we don’t! We complain and put it off and we tell ourselves there is no way in heck we are doing this! […]

It’s Really Just a Buffet!

Some of the best advice that I have received while training for a half-iron distance triathlon has been regarding the run. Aside from the swim, the run is what worries me the most. It’s the final leg, and when I’ll be the most fatigued (and let’s be honest: STARVING!). I know that I can run […]

Some New Gear

As many know I have been running now for close to two months. My knees and shins have been hurting a lot lately as I start to run more and more miles at one time. So I decided it was time to get some shoes for the occasion. I wanted Nike for the Nike+ features. […]