Post Race Blues

Post Race Blues episode-22

Weeks, months, and sometimes years. It’s amazing how much preparation and time goes into a single event. The day you sign up, you tell yourself how long you have to train: plenty of time to get race ready, you say. But before you know it all those build and recovery weeks melt into one and it’s race morning.

Race day brings with it so many emotions, and when you finally cross that finish line all those long and hard hours of training pay off! The post-race-high can only last so long before the high turns into the blues. The structure is missing. That fearing of not having the next workout on the calendar sets in, even though you are happy to not have that 5am pool swim.

So you start the search – the search for another race for next season. Maybe it’s something new, maybe something old. You don’t care at first, just as long as it’s a race. Your search becomes an obsession. You NEED to have a race, and before you know it you’ve signed up for every race you did last season plus some more. Two races turn into three, then five. Before you know it, you’ve booked just about every weekend! The addiction is real, but the reward is sweet!

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