Hixon50 Race Report

It all started in summer, directly in the middle of my Ironman training. One day while running something in my head just started talking. It asked, what’s next? After all, I came from having no triathlon background to having completed three full Ironman and five half Ironman plus multiple other distance races all in three […]

Ultra Race Day!

The time is here! It’s ultra day! An attempt that in mileage isn’t a concern to me but in elevation it is. This could be one of the toughest challenges to date. A trail run in La Crosse, WI up and down the bluffs. Having lived just 30 minutes away in Winona, MN I know […]

A Change Of Scenery

Do you ever have those days where it just seems like the scenery on a run never changes? Mile after mile of the same trees, corn fields, or houses in a neighborhood. Maybe it hasn’t! Unless you are part of a run club you may be running the same routes day after day, week after […]

Post Race Blues

Weeks, months, and sometimes years. It’s amazing how much preparation and time goes into a single event. The day you sign up, you tell yourself how long you have to train: plenty of time to get race ready, you say. But before you know it all those build and recovery weeks melt into one and […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

We’ve all wished for something in life that could change a situation for the better. Sometimes these wishes come true with no consequences but often times they don’t come true at all. Other times the outcome isn’t what we really wanted all along. Stagecoach road on the Ironman Wisconsin course was like riding a washing […]

Pope Farm Sunflowers 2016

Pope Farm Conservancy is one of many gems that can be found around Madison, WI. Pope Farm is just outside of town in Middleton, WI and offers some amazing views and over 6 miles of trails. July 23-31 has been marked as Sunflowers days for 2016 where a half million flowers come to bloom! Check […]

Nothing New On Raceday

Raceday is fun and the final test that takes place at the end of your training. You’ve tested every food combination and fluid type known to man. Many pieces of nutrition you simply can’t stand, while others might turn your stomach into a twisted knot in seconds. You’ve unclipped your shoes yards before the finish […]