Just A Quick Dip


Nothing is worse at 5 am than a cold pool. I swear some days it is colder than others, and even the air in the pool area is like ice. Only crazy people climb out of their warm beds at the crack of dawn to then jump into an ice cold pool to swim laps. With the days getting colder here in the Midwest in November, some mornings take even longer than normal to convince yourself to jump in the pool. Many would rather shovel their driveways than dangle their toes in the freezing cold chlorine. But once you take the first 3 strokes, the cold is left behind at the wall and you’re lost in the rhythm of breathing and swimming. Before you know it, your workout is complete and you wondered why you took so long to jump in in the first place. But then you wake up the next morning, and the whole cycle starts over again…

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