It’s Really Just a Buffet!

Episode 11 V2 - It's Really Just a Buffet

Some of the best advice that I have received while training for a half-iron distance triathlon has been regarding the run. Aside from the swim, the run is what worries me the most. It’s the final leg, and when I’ll be the most fatigued (and let’s be honest: STARVING!). I know that I can run the distance, I’ve done many before, but never after swimming and biking! But this nugget of advice: “Don’t think of it as a half marathon, think of it as a series of jogs separated by a bunch of buffets”, has really helped me wrap my mind around the thought of running that far afterwards. A new goal during the run: just make it to the next aid station (aka buffet). Changing the distance of the run from miles to number of food opportunities somehow makes it much more attainable!

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