The LG G Watch

Android Wear is here! One of the two first watches is the LG G Watch and it features Google’s newest operating system aimed right at wristwatches. Many questions remain about Android Wear in particular. Can it become mainstream, will the masses adopt the need for electronic watches and all sorts of others. The first thing […]

After One Month with the Nexus 5

The Nexus 5, a phone long awaited by many in the Android space. Google is now known for releasing a Nexus device each year, a device that is supposed to showcase the latest operating system and this year that is Android 4.4 KitKat. Partnering with LG, Google released a 4.95” 1080p IPS display in a sleek body. So does the Nexus 5 live up to the hype? Can KitKat bring additional functionality to an already leading OS?

March Madness is Back

CBS has been doing a good job the last few years with getting March Madness games live online and on mobile devices. This year is no different.  A few things I noticed this year that are really well done. Closed Captioning works!. You will also find a nice “Live Games” button across most of the […]

The Troubles of TV

Tweet I sat at work today excited for the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother. To my surprise my cable TV was not working this evening. No biggie I’ll just go grab that pair of rabbit ears… I gave to my friends. Crap! So I sit here excited yet unable to get my […]

Some New Gear

As many know I have been running now for close to two months. My knees and shins have been hurting a lot lately as I start to run more and more miles at one time. So I decided it was time to get some shoes for the occasion. I wanted Nike for the Nike+ features. […]

Apple Founder Passes Away

As most of us know by now Apple Founder and tech genius Steve Jobs passed away yesterday (October 5th, 2011). It is great to see the people from everywhere come together during this time. I will keep my thoughts short and to the point because the point of this post is to show all the awesome ways the internet is mourning the loss of a tech genius.

I am going to post all of the great ways the internet and people are thinking of Steve. As I find more stuff it will be posted below starting with the newest first.

Windows 8 Dev Preview

The Windows 8 Developer preview is live and I grabbed myself a copy of it already. Below I have posted pictures of the install process, new UI pictures, and I will continue to post all the news things that I find.

The Install

The install process was amazingly fast on my machine. Just a quite note for all of those who want to dual boot Windows 8, make sure that you restart and boot from the CD. It seems obvious but if you run the install from Windows 7 all you can do is install “8” on top of your current install. From boot to a live Windows 8 desktop was accomplished in less than 15 minutes. Below are some images from the install process.