A Wisconsin Tradition

Growing up I always loved “Da Turdy Point Buck”. I knew all the words (and still do) and could listen to it the entire hunting season without it getting on my nerves. Well it’s that time of the year again and without further ado I give you “Da Turdy Point Buck”! 

Ironman 2014 Site

Yes… I know Ironman 2014 is many many months out but it is never too early to start training. To help keep me honest I’ve created a site that will cover my journey to becoming an Ironman in 2014.  Blog posts, exercise plans and everything else can be found by going to www.ironmanlouisville2014.com. Help cheer […]

March Madness is Back

CBS has been doing a good job the last few years with getting March Madness games live online and on mobile devices. This year is no different.  A few things I noticed this year that are really well done. Closed Captioning works!. You will also find a nice “Live Games” button across most of the […]