Happy Tri-oween

Halloween could be one of the greatest holidays here in the US. It’s easy to participate and low pressure – any involvement is welcome! It’s as easy as just buying candy, any kind of candy will do (except for jaw-breakers: let’s be honest, no kid likes those)! Halloween lets the kids act like kids: free to […]

A Change Of Scenery

Do you ever have those days where it just seems like the scenery on a run never changes? Mile after mile of the same trees, corn fields, or houses in a neighborhood. Maybe it hasn’t! Unless you are part of a run club you may be running the same routes day after day, week after […]

Post Race Blues

Weeks, months, and sometimes years. It’s amazing how much preparation and time goes into a single event. The day you sign up, you tell yourself how long you have to train: plenty of time to get race ready, you say. But before you know it all those build and recovery weeks melt into one and […]