Swim. Bike. Turkey.

For many of us, working out is a way to not only do what we enjoy, but also to stay healthy. Staying healthy can be a bit of a sore subject, especially when it comes to the holidays. This time of year we have food waiting around every corner, just tempting us to take one […]

That One Hat

We all have that one favorite running hat/visor/headband. No matter how many free hats and swag we accumulate from races, family and friends, or that impulse buy at Target (but it was only $5!), we still have that one go-to hat. It’s somewhat of a comfort blanket when we head out on runs: it’s like […]

Just A Quick Dip

Nothing is worse at 5 am than a cold pool. I swear some days it is colder than others, and even the air in the pool area is like ice. Only crazy people climb out of their warm beds at the crack of dawn to then jump into an ice cold pool to swim laps. […]