Nothing New On Raceday

Raceday is fun and the final test that takes place at the end of your training. You’ve tested every food combination and fluid type known to man. Many pieces of nutrition you simply can’t stand, while others might turn your stomach into a twisted knot in seconds. You’ve unclipped your shoes yards before the finish […]

When Hunger Just Can’t Wait

Hunger is a delicate subject for triathletes. Wait too long and you’ll get your head bitten off by the hanger beast. This makes all sorts of food-related tasks difficult. From brunch to grocery shopping, none are a safe bet after a long workout. Often times you’ll go to the store in need of one or […]

Changing Conditions Every 30 Seconds!

Everyone in triathlon knows that the water temp and wind speeds change every 30 second, geez! Ok, so maybe the weather forecast isn’t that crazy, but we sure as heck act like it is. Weeks, and sometimes even months before the race we are obsessively checking the weather. Who would have known that there are […]

Next Stop: Struggle Bus

Triathlons are tough and the hardest part is most often the run. The struggle bus always seems to hit when you have half or more to go on the run. The second half can seem daunting and near impossible. You hit that dark place in your mind and it keeps telling you that you’ll never […]

Death By Bills

Training has so many differences compared to the off season. Some of those differences you may not even notice or think about until it’s too late. Bills start to add up beyond your wildest expectations, and the water bill is no different. While water may not be the most expensive thing you have to shell […]

Only One Way To Warm Up A Lake

Anyone who’s put on a wetsuit knows the struggle. Somehow like clockwork our bodies know the exact moment you finally have it on and are ready to get into the water. They decide that after you’re all zipped into your wetsuit it’s prime time to go to the facilities. Luckily as the old saying goes, […]

Tough As Nails!

Triathletes are known for being tough as nails. When we fall down we immediately ask if our bikes are ok but that doesn’t mean that we are tough in every aspect of life. Cute and seemingly harmless animals can make the best of us go running for the hills!

Not What They Mean…

Sometimes getting in the water in spring is a little challenging! Many people don’t have to worry about this every year, curse you! But for us northerns it’s all familiar. Grab your wetsuit and jump on in with us! But honestly, I’m not exactly sure if that’s what this phrase is suppose to mean.