Happy New Year!

You know what they say, “New Year, New [insert desired tri-gear]”. Although some may think it should be “new you”, we triathletes know that the new year is just another convenient excuse to buy new gear. There’s nothing better than a new bike or a new tri kit or even a new pair of running […]

That One Hat

We all have that one favorite running hat/visor/headband. No matter how many free hats and swag we accumulate from races, family and friends, or that impulse buy at Target (but it was only $5!), we still have that one go-to hat. It’s somewhat of a comfort blanket when we head out on runs: it’s like […]

Just A Quick Dip

Nothing is worse at 5 am than a cold pool. I swear some days it is colder than others, and even the air in the pool area is like ice. Only crazy people climb out of their warm beds at the crack of dawn to then jump into an ice cold pool to swim laps. […]

Badge of Honor

It’s the point in the season where your tri-lines have really started to settle in. Whether you stick to one kit or have been trying out a few different tops for training, you usually have a nice gradient going on by mid-July. Sunscreen has become your best friend – if you remember to actually put […]

Order for One

Nothing makes you think more about how much you really eat when training than when you place an order. To most people, what you eat could potentially feed a family of four. It never get’s old having to say “And yes, this is all for one” when placing an order. The only thing better is […]

It’s Really Just a Buffet!

Some of the best advice that I have received while training for a half-iron distance triathlon has been regarding the run. Aside from the swim, the run is what worries me the most. It’s the final leg, and when I’ll be the most fatigued (and let’s be honest: STARVING!). I know that I can run […]


You know the feeling, you just finished a long workout: all you want to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day. You feel that you have earned it, after all you just kicked butt on your bike or run! But just as you get comfortable you hear that telltale buzz […]

Rise and Ride

It’s that time of year again (finally!), where we can all begin training outside. The trainer tires are off and the helmets come out. Long rides and runs mean waking up early in the morning, sometimes too early. Rising before the sun has its benefits: you get your workouts done before the rest of the […]

It’s All About Priorities

Anyone who knows me understands that the word “packing” instills fear and panic in me. I pack about as well as a herd of turtles stampedes through peanut butter. Packing for a simple weekend trip can take me hours, and to make matters worse, fitting training clothes and gear into a tiny backpack or suitcase […]