2016 Triathlon Training Update

Welcome to 2016! I for one am thankful that 2015 is over. A lot has changed in 2016 and that’s because I learned a lot last year and a lot happened last year. Below is a quick recap of went I went over in the video, enjoy!

11391446_10100826770327889_8813731522740276701_nLake Mills kicked it all off. A cold, windy day and a sprint triathlon. The day went great despite the cold and the wind. The Cap View Triathlon was up next. The day started off bad when I forgot my wetsuit at home. I kept with it until my chain broke on the bike. After walking for over an hour the SAG vehicle came around and I called it a day. I’m almost positive that walking in those bike shoes caused the stress fracture I found out about after my foot was hurting and I decided to go into the doctor.

The Wisconsin Triterium was the next race on the schedule and the second Olympic distance race like Cap View. I decided to swim and bike but hold off on running or walking with the foot injury. Being healthy for Maryland was the goal after all. The swim went great and was this crazy three lap swim where you had to get out of the water and go around this tree on each lap. The bike also went well and I got 3rd in the King of the Hill in my age group. Come on gents you’re all slacking here!

IMG_1225Door County is where it all really hit the fan. The swim was terrible. Waves were huge! My group finally got in the water around an hour after our scheduled time simply to spread out age groups to pull people out of the water. The bike while good was a hydration disaster. I didn’t drink. Well I drank but around half bottle of fluid.. Total! Not good. The run it really went south. A teammate got me to the med tent and while I eventually made it home had to go to the ER the next day (read about that here).

I needed a race to get my mind on right before Maryland. Steelhead it was! Steelhead went great! It was a really fun race and a fast course. It got me thinking straight again going into Maryland.

Maryland… Maryland… Maryland. Let’s just not talk about that cancelation. Having to go back out two weeks later and race again thingy-ma-bob… Ok?

When we finally got to race it went great! The conditions were terrible! Strong winds that pushed back the swim start. Winds that cut through you head on, on each lap. They were the worst. I’d go into it all again but just read this race report to find it all out!

This year a few things are changing. I got a Wahoo Kickr. The Kickr makes training fun again (read more here!). Long and short of it. I can ride with other people virtually. Take power tests and it’s about a close to feeling like I’m riding outside with it’s auto adjusting resistance as possible.

I’m also using a personal coach. Someone I’ve worked with for the past few years but on a personal level now. This should help me hit my goals for this year of under 11 hours.

Most importantly I want to thank everyone for putting up with this crazy journey. It’s been a great yet challenging ride!

And please please please help us out and check out the Ironman Foundation page I have set up! All donations go directly into local charities around Madison!

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